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Back from the Mongol Rally in September 2018

Hello everyone! My regulars will know that I was away all summer, participating in the Mongol Rally – driving a crazily underpowered car with three other teammates from the UK to Ulan Ude, Russia. I’m actually still driving across Mongolia to the finish line as I publish this update.

I’ll be back home and ready to help as of Monday, 17 September 2018.

If you need help, please call or text me at 613-250-2084 and I’d love to book you into my schedule.

I’d like to take this chance to thank my local sponsors who helped make my team’s participation in the Rally possible, including raising funds for Cool Earth as well as these three charities selected by our team:

  • Streetkids International e.V.
  • Taiwan Fund for Children and Families
  • British Columbia Schizophrenia Society

Our wonderful local sponsors were:

Alliance Coin & Banknote of Almonte (also a long standing Holloway client!)

EkoBuilt of Ottawa

Foil Media of Almonte

Thank you!